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In the era of globalization – when the world, a multi-unit entity, is gradually merging into an all-in-one entity, and when more than just a citizen of one’s single country, each and every human being is growing into a global citizen – the critical need for multilingual communications and dialogue among cultures is greater than ever before.

L@ngbridge Translations saw it as its duty to act as an empathetic language ​​and culture bridge, by providing its international clients with customized, high quality and affordable multilingual communication services.


In addition to translating all types of general content, our linguists are specialized in several fields, including the following:

  • Business, Marketing & Retail
  • Health, Pharmaceutical & Medical
  • Finance & Economic
  • Education & Administrative
  • Environment, Tourism & Leisure
  • Accounting & Banking
  • Oil & Mining
  • Information Technologies, Wireless & Internet
  • Multimedia & Communications
  • Technical & Scientific
  • Automotive, Aviation & Engineering
  • Cosmetics & Fashion
  • Insurance & Legal
  • Agriculture & Catering
  • Books & Manuals
  • …and more


We provide our services in several language pairs, including the following:

English – French
English – Spanish
English – Italian
English – German
English – Portuguese

Spanish – French
Spanish – English
Spanish – Italian
Spanish – German
Spanish – Portuguese

Italian – Spanish
Italian – French
Italian – English
Italian – German
Italian – Portuguese

French – English
French – Spanish
French – Italian
French – German
French – Portuguese

German – Spanish
German – French
German – English
German – Italian
German – Portuguese

Portuguese – Spanish
Portuguese – French
Portuguese – English
Portuguese – German
Portuguese – Italian